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Are you utterly frustrated with your skin? Tired of the countless products you've tried? Still not completely satisfied with your natural skin?

I’ve been there. I didn't have a bad skin care routine, but something was still off. I knew that deep down my skin didn't look as healthy as I knew it could, so I felt like I was doing myself and my skin an injustice. I thought about all the different products I used and tried to note any common factors/ingredients in them. Then a light bulb went off!  All of these products were chemically formulated and after checking the ingredients they were essentially wreaking havoc on my skin!

Both men and women from all corners of the world crave perfect skin. We have all tried different beauty products. For women it may be makeup, night creams, BB creams, and other products that are meant to “blur” the “flaws”, and for men all different kinds of facial cleansers and body washes with harsh chemicals and parabens.

These methods are all temporary and artificial remedies which will eventually cause more harm to your skin. Take away all that makeup, and all the other add-on's that we use to make ourselves feel beautiful or handsome. We are still left with that one desire, the desire for “perfect skin”. 

The true way is a solid skin care routine and products with effective ingredients for maintaining healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to create something that was authentic and true to my culture, but also a brand that highlights the importance of self care in its entirety. Not just a product, but an unforgettable experience. A moment in time that takes you away to Paradise. This is why I came up with these amazing authentic all natural products for every skin type.

Born and raised in Paradise, I drew my inspiration from the beautiful Island of Jamaica. Being so deeply rooted in nature and culture, it afforded me the tools and the know how to combine the best natural ingredients to formulate amazing skin care products for your entire body. By reuniting Earth and Skin, Paradise Child was born.

Our luxurious ingredients specifically target acne, eczema, psoriasis, ingrown hairs, cellulite, stretch marks, scars and blemishes. They gently remove dead skin cells, regenerating new healthy skin and protect you from sun damage, while deeply moisturizing leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Our passion is harnessing and fusing natures most effective ingredients, ensuring our products deliver first class, unmatched results, providing our customers with the best skin care experience possible. 

In everything we do at Paradise Child we consider first, the planet, the people and our purpose.

"Paradise isn't just a place for me anymore, it's a feeling now too." I want you all to experience that too.  

With Love, 

Brittany Lyons 

Miss Jamaica World '08